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Cast Iron Lapping Plates
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We supply a wide range of Lapping plates that are manufactured using good quality raw material. These lapping plates are used for precision lapping of components of various sizes. These components are lapped using lapping powder of different grits to achieve finish and accuracy. Our lapping plates both granite and cast iron are made as per standards.

Our range of lapping plates includes cast iron lapping plates and granite lapping plates.

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We provide our clients with qualitative cast iron lapping plates that are used for accurate hand lapping of various materials like nylon, plastics, ceramics and other non ferrous material. These cast iron lapping plates are available in round and rectangular sizes and have 3 mm wide and 3 mm deep serrations on working surface equally spaced at 25 mm. Our iron lapping plates are manufactured using closed grain graded casting as per IS 210:1993 confirming to Grade FG- 220. Cast iron lapping plates are supplied with calibration certificate traceable to National Physical   Laboratory   (NPL, Govt of India) New Delhi. We offer our range of lapping plates for various lapping machine of different sizes as per the specification of our clients.
Standard Size and accuracy of Cast Iron Lapping Plates as per IS : 2285:2003, Grade 1

Cast Iron Lapping Plates (As Per IS: 2285-2003 )

SQUARE (m.m.)

300 X 450

450 X 600

600 X 600

600 X 900

1000 X 1000



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